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We are in the business of engaging others through the use of strategic communication and design. Whether commitment comes in the form of a sale or a smile, our goal is to win loyalty for our clients.

We collaborate with your teams in the creative process to ensure you receive a product or program that suits your culture and resonates with your audience.

Successful engagement feels effortless — like magic — but it’s actually a very intentional process fueled by preparation and collaboration.

Since 2001, we have worked alongside teams from global enterprises and independent start-ups. This diverse experience is further expanded by the variety present on our own team.

At Ietal, we scale from a core team of five to a group of 20+ with ease. Designers, writers, videographers, strategists, event planners — our team is seasoned, skilled and solutions-oriented. We love what we do and delight in bringing this energy to our clients’ projects.

Communication & Design are multifaceted. Here are a few of the areas where we specialize:


Advertising Creative


Branding & Logo Marks

Brand Strategy

Brand Development

Communication Planning

Copy Writing

Corporate Gifting

Culture Communication


Environmental Graphics & Signage

Event Planning

Graphic Design

Internal & Employee Communication

Marketing Creative

Photography Management

Presentations & Speaker Support

Print Production

Social Media

Video Creative & Management




Primary Contact  |  901.209.9868  |  P.O. Box 381334, Germantown, TN 38138


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