T E R I   R H O D E S   W H I T E    |    M E M P H I S


I believe that science and design are revisionary — what’s old is new, new is old — and so I can not rest believing that anything we’ve done in the past is good enough for today’s task. This search for the next great thing keeps me energized and excited about new challenges.

I founded Ietal communication & design based on the knowledge that creative professionals are largely an entrepreneurial bunch. They are self-motivated, self-assured, hardworking and, in the midst of compelling projects, often excitedly sleep deprived. We, as a team, work independently on purpose. It fuels creativity and drives personal ownership. And when the time is right for shared thought, we have technology to bring us together.

Strategist. Writer. Designer. Introvert. Who still loves a good cocktail party now and again. Just don’t be surprised if I slip off for a few minutes to listen to my inner monologue, contemplate the big picture or, at a minimum, jot down a few notes about some details on a cocktail napkin.

In fact, the only things that fully quiet my inner monologue are powerlifting, paragliding or whitewater rafting.

Teri Rhodes White is the founder of Ietal. Driven by strategic business objectives, Teri and her team specialize in communications for both businesses and educational institutions. Over the past 13 years, Ietal assisted corporations, including Coca-Cola, FedEx, Hilton Worldwide, Transitions Optical and Smith & Nephew, mid-scale businesses, educational entities and newly formed start-ups, with branding, culture, high-level sales, internal communications, marketing creative, C-level presentations and speech preparation and more. For a robust list of services, visit our About Us page.

Executive Board Member for Theatre Memphis, 3 year member
Memphis Advertising Federation Board, 3 year member
Leadership Memphis Dream Team Creative Director, appointment


W A Y N E   H A S T I N G S   |   L O S   A N G E L E S


The one piece of advice I received from a college instructor that stuck with me throughout my career — and resonates in my life — is this, “If you can see it, it matters”. As simple and obvious as that may sound, the reality is that details matter and no detail is too small.

I have always been drawn to the visual — to the power that images have to promote understanding and reinforce content. As a graphic designer and entrepreneur, I engage the visual to support our clients’ objectives.

Print ads, brochures, newsletters, quarterly reports, magazines, public websites, intranet websites, presentations, interactive PDFs and more. I enjoy working with our team to provide clients the custom visual tools they need to be successful.

Wayne Hastings is a graphic designer and an entrepreneur. For more than 20 years, Wayne has partnered with advertising agencies, graphic design firms and web companies to meet the needs of a wide range of clients. His strong technical and creative foundation continues to support and inform the approach to each unique project. The goal: To produce the best results possible. Every time.



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