On target. On time. Within budget. The right files delivered to the right people. Of course.

Successful implementation is about more than the end product. It is about how this end product is delivered — attention to details, courtesy and partnership with other vendor partners along with quality at every step.

“Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! Thank you for putting together our gift request with your unique style and superb execution. You all truly make a difference.”
— Phil Cordell, Hilton Worldwide

Our goal is to close each project in a manner than further strengthens and energizes you and your team.

“You and your team have provided just the type of creative energy and follow through that I needed. I am exceptionally pleased.”
— Dorchelle Spence, Riverfront Development Corp

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Serving Up Success In Record Time

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About Ietal Communication and Design

We are in the business of engaging others through the use of strategic communication and design. Whether commitment comes in the form of a sale or a smile, our goal is to win loyalty for our clients.

Successful engagement feels effortless — like magic — but it’s actually a very intentional process fueled by preparation and collaboration.

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