Though it’s a collaborative process, strategizing starts with you.
Your history. Your challenge. Your aspirations.

Once our team fully understands your story, we are equipped to explore and then propose innovative solutions.

“Teri Rhodes White has been a thought-partner to me for over 10 years. She and her team have served up their brilliant blend of creativity on a host of projects, big and small — from packaging learning content delivered to hotel teams around the world, to helping vision-cast how to engage the hearts and minds of key stakeholders attending large scale conferences. Teri’s thought leadership inspires! And her team’s gift of creativity is backed by proven delivery. It is one thing to dream impossible dreams, but another to bring those dreams to life. And with Ietal by my side, I’m always confident that we will indeed deliver!”
— Gina Valenti, Vice President, Hilton

Strategizing is both the first step in a creative process and touch points along the way. Solid strategy helps us recalibrate to our goal when either intentional or unexpected changes require us to rethink our path to an objective.

“I am pleased …  to express my deep appreciation for your outstanding contribution [on the City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report].
This report represents both in content and preparation what great things can be accomplished with Corporate Memphis working arm-in-arm with government to make our community a better place to live.”
— Mayor, City of Memphis


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Welcoming The World

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About Ietal Communication and Design

We are in the business of engaging others through the use of strategic communication and design. Whether commitment comes in the form of a sale or a smile, our goal is to win loyalty for our clients.

Successful engagement feels effortless — like magic — but it’s actually a very intentional process fueled by preparation and collaboration.

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