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Ietal was proud to be part of the key strategic planning and implementation team to help Hilton Worldwide connect over 1,300 of their global owners and management partners for 3 days of development, planning and celebration at the Expect the World Global Partnership Conference.

“Teri Rhodes White has been a thought-partner to me for over 10 years. She and her team have served up their brilliant blend of creativity on a host of projects, big and small — from packaging learning content delivered to hotel teams around the world, to helping vision-cast how to engage the hearts and minds of key stakeholders attending large scale conferences. Teri’s thought leadership inspires! And her team’s gift of creativity is backed by proven delivery. It is one thing to dream impossible dreams, but another to bring those dreams to life. And with Ietal by my side, I’m always confident that we will indeed deliver!”
Gina Valenti, Vice President, Hilton Worldwide

Our team partnered with Hilton Worldwide to create excitement leading up to the event and upon arrival. Launching a one-of-a-kind hotel arrival experience that included expedited concierge-style check-in that was sub-branded with elegant and budget-friendly signage and supported with an elegant, comprehensive conference magazine that included advertising to support vendor partners and off-set expenses.

Once onsite at this event, our role was broad and included environmental graphics and signage, photography management and speaker support. We were please to create keynote presentations for Chris Nassetta, CEO, Paul Brown, President, and Phil Cordell, Global Head of Focused Service Brands and Hampton for Hilton Worldwide. We also designed introduction graphics for Sir Richard Branson, A.G. Lafley and Michael Eisner.

Finally Ietal was please to utilize all the event photography to create the Expect the World Memory Book. This hard-bound, photo journal style book worked two-fold — celebrating the first ever global event for Hilton Worldwide and as a communications tool for post-event follow up with key developers.

1 Global Company
10 Brands
1,900 Attendees from 47 Countries
11 Months of Planning
3 Days of Meetings
1 World Class Event


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We are in the business of engaging others through the use of strategic communication and design. Whether commitment comes in the form of a sale or a smile, our goal is to win loyalty for our clients.

Successful engagement feels effortless — like magic — but it’s actually a very intentional process fueled by preparation and collaboration.

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